JDA, Inc. Retail Ready Design™

August | 2018

Bringing Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds and Portable Speakers to Market

JDA collaborated with the team at Epsilon to bring to market a line of SoundStream products called h2GO. This category is about bringing portable sound to a person’s everyday life. This is a very competitive product category and it is difficult to stand out among notable brands such as JBL, Jabra, Samsung and Sony to name a few.

Packaging Design with a Purpose

There were three main objectives when we started this project:

  1. To stand apart from the competition
  2. To communicate the top features effectively
  3. To underscore the high-quality of the product design and “true wireless sound”

Since Apple eliminated the connection for headphones on their latest iPhone models, wireless headphones are in demand.

Paul Goldberg, VP of Sales and Marketing, at Epsilon had this to say about the final result: “The packaging really helps us tell our story and is a reflection of the quality and performance of the products. h2GO TWS earbuds and speakers enhance our customers’ enjoyment of streaming media.”

h2GO Premium True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

h2GO Wireless Speaker/Power Bank

This package had to communicate a story and speak to the customer. In addition, the package had to impress retail buyers who are very conscious of their product mix and how it is presented in their store.

The design elements that underscore the brand quality are:

  1. We specified a turned-edge box with a magnetic closure that revealed additional content if the customer wanted to explore the product
  2. Spot UV finishes were applied to the product images
  3. Foil was used on the h2GO logo

All of these choices communicated the quality of the product.

KENWOOD High Resolution Audio is a Win-Win for Dealers and Consumers

JDA worked with KENWOOD to help launch their full-line of High Resolution Audio products. KENWOOD is one of the few manufacturers that offer a full-line of Hi-Res components including: amps, receivers, and speakers. This line of product is for the discerning customer who wants premium audio for their car. There is a definite advantage to buying components that are designed to work together and the advertising emphasized this fact:

The retailer, on the other hand, enjoys a healthy margin on the product and a chance to sell and install a complete system. The advertising for the trade publications emphasized this point:

In-Store POP and Microsite Completes the Story

KENWOOD wanted a prominent presence in-store to help tell the story behind their complete line of High Resolution Audio products. JDA designed large window and floor graphics to draw the consumers attention to KENWOOD.

In addition to a physical presence in-store, the vanity URL excelonreference.solutions was used on the point-of-purchase as well as in print ads and on dealer websites via SYNQY technology to promote the eXcelon Reference series of products. This microsite provided in-depth information about the technology as well as a video that highlights the main features.

Scott Caswell, Sr Marketing Manager, at KENWOOD said the campaign was a homerun for KENWOOD: “JDA helped create a complete campaign that covered each segment of the sales cycle from sell-in to sell through using digital as well as traditional means.”